Air Bubble Agreement between India and Turkey

The recently signed air bubble agreement between India and Turkey has caused a lot of buzz in the travel industry. This agreement came as a welcome relief to many who have been eagerly waiting to travel to and from these two countries amidst the ongoing pandemic.

So, what exactly is an air bubble agreement?

An air bubble agreement is a temporary arrangement between two countries to resume commercial passenger flights between them. It is formed primarily to help people stuck in different countries due to travel restrictions and can be terminated at any time. The agreement allows a limited number of flights to operate between the two countries, subject to certain conditions, including adherence to various COVID-19 protocols.

The air bubble agreement between India and Turkey came as a surprise to many, given the history between the two countries. Turkey had supported Pakistan during the recent Kashmir issue, which did not go down well with India. However, the agreement proves that both countries are willing to put their differences aside to help their citizens.

Under this agreement, Turkish Airlines and Air India are the only carriers allowed to fly between the two countries. The flights will operate between Istanbul and Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru initially. If successful, the agreement may be extended to other cities as well.

Passengers traveling under this arrangement will have to follow all the COVID-19 safety protocols, including carrying a negative RT-PCR test report. The test must have been conducted within 72 hours of the flight`s departure.

The air bubble will be a great relief for people who have been stranded due to the ongoing pandemic. It will also boost the tourism industry, which has been hit hard by the pandemic. The agreement will help in the exchange of people, goods, and services between the two countries and promote international trade.

In conclusion, the air bubble agreement between India and Turkey is a significant step towards resuming normalcy in international travel. The agreement is a testament to the fact that countries can come together to help their citizens in times of crisis, despite their differences. As the pandemic continues to impact the world, such agreements will play a crucial role in reviving the travel and tourism industry and help people reach their destinations safely.