Contract Account Table in Sap Abap

If you`re a SAP ABAP developer, you`re likely familiar with the concept of contract accounts. A contract account is essentially a container that holds all of the data related to a customer`s account. In SAP, you can use contract accounts to keep track of all sorts of things, such as billing data, payment history, and contract information.

One of the most important tools for working with contract accounts in SAP ABAP is the contract account table. This table, which is called CRMD_CONTRACT, stores all of the data related to contract accounts. If you`re working with contract accounts in SAP ABAP, it`s essential to understand how this table works and how you can use it to manage your data effectively.

Here`s a brief overview of some of the key things you need to know about the contract account table in SAP ABAP:

Structure of the CRMD_CONTRACT Table

The CRMD_CONTRACT table is made up of several different fields, each of which stores a different type of data related to contract accounts. Some of the most important fields include:

– Account ID: This field stores the unique ID number assigned to each contract account in SAP.

– Account Type: This field indicates the type of account (e.g. residential, commercial, etc.).

– Partner ID: This field stores the ID number of the partner (i.e. customer) associated with the account.

– Contract Status: This field indicates the current status of the account (e.g. active, inactive, cancelled, etc.).

– Start and End Dates: These fields store the start and end dates for the contract.

Using the CRMD_CONTRACT Table

To use the CRMD_CONTRACT table effectively, you`ll need to be comfortable working with SQL queries in SAP. You can use SQL to perform a wide range of operations on the table, such as:

– Retrieving data for a specific account (by using the Account ID field).

– Sorting and filtering data based on various fields.

– Updating or deleting data in the table.

Here`s an example of a simple SQL query that retrieves all of the data for a specific contract account:


This query would return all of the data related to the contract account with the ID number 12345.

Final Thoughts

The contract account table is an essential tool for managing contract accounts in SAP ABAP. By understanding the structure and functionality of this table, you`ll be able to work more efficiently and effectively with contract accounts, regardless of the specific project or application you`re working on. Whether you`re a seasoned SAP developer or just starting out, taking the time to learn about the contract account table is sure to pay off in the long run.